How to Use the ProDomme Blacklist and Wanker List

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How to Use the ProDomme Blacklist and Wanker List

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:47 am

The ProDomme Blacklist and Wanker List is a forum meant to help you as a ProDomme avoid having your time wasted or safety risked and of course therefore mean keep your time freed up from timewasters so those Tributes keep coming in Wink
When you get a call or an email from a potential sub you can check the phone number or email address against the list to make sure you are in fact dealing with a potentially legitimate lead for a session.

Below are a couple examples of how to post:

Title of the Topic: (666) 666 - 6666 --- Wanker

Body of the Topic: (666) 666 - 6666 --- Wanker
John McJohnerston will call and ask repetitively about how badly you are going to hurt his balls, then say "Oh no, my secretary just walked into my office" and hang up. Don't answer his calls, he's a wanker.

Title of the Topic: --- Blacklist

Body of the Topic: --- Blacklist
John McJohnny was aggressive and attempted to hold the door closed when I asked him to leave. ***If you don't feel comfortable saying what the blacklister did, please don't feel obligated to put it. Just put that he's dangerous and he's on the blacklist.


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